Household Items That Double As Nail Polish Removers

Although we all like to think of ourselves as beauty mavens, when we go down the nail polish aisle at the drugstore we often pass picking up the nail polish remover. Is it because we hate the smell? The way it dries our cuticles? Or, because we’d rather head to the salon for a touch-up? Whatever the reason is, most likely at one time or another you’ll need to get that polish off and peeling it is seriously not an option. Keep reading for a few household item combinations that you can use in a pinch.

Lemon Juice + Vinegar

In case you didn’t know, nail polish responds well to acids and lemon juice + vinegar is one acidic combo. Vinegar has gained popularity as a household cleaner – to get your whites whiter in the wash and to safely clean your countertops. This non-toxic formula is the perfect combo to rid your polish. Simply soak a cotton swab and begin rubbing.

Nail Polish

No, we’re not kidding about this one. Although any shade will do, using a clear will definitely ease the mess. Simply apply a coat and use a cotton swab or a paper towel to wipe the entire nail.


Not only great for rips in your tights and keeps flyaways at bay, but hairspray can also get the goo off. Saturate a cotton swab with hairspray and apply directly to your nail – easy!

Hydrogen Peroxide + Hot Water

Every household should have a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in it – if you don’t, don’t skip that aisle next time you go to CVS. Dilute the hydrogen peroxide in a 2 to 1 ratio with hot water and soak your hands in it to start. Then, massage off the polish using your fingers and a cotton swab.